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Welcome to StarKing

Despite being a new company the STAR KING Construcao Unipessoal Lda has already develop several and important activities.

In Suai, Timor-Leste were the Timorese Government has carried out vital projects for the development of the country, STAR KING Construcao Unipessoal Lda is already operating there using its human resources and its equipments.

These activities are also taking place in other regions of the country.

STAR KING Construcao Unipessoal Lda imports, sale and supply materials and equipment. However the business are not only that. It also builds public roads, bridges, riverbank protections, sidewalks, drain system, buildings, earthworks and so on.

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Safe Work & Environmental Plan

Safety precautionary measures rule the top most priority throughout the construction period and
proper environmental planning

OUR SAFETY OF WORK AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Safety precautionary measures rule the top most priority throughout the construction period and proper environmental planning is also practiced in the handling and disposal of waste materials in the site and locality.

“Our implementation of works for the safety scheme and procedure is made with consideration to a 100% (percent) safe work environment. The target plan is zero lost of time and work including zero accident and zero loss of life. It is the company’s concern on the safety and welfare of the workers, staff and any other project personnel as well as the adjoining community or environment.”

Safety Induction – at the beginning of the work, all personnel employed in the construction undergo a safety orientation briefing and  a weekly and monthly safety reminder is undertaken on emergency preparedness.

First Aid – a first aid kit which contains regular medicines is maintained at all times used to provide treatment to minor illness and accidents to workers and staff.

Safety at Work– the company would implement every safety measures possible during work implementation to all technology and techniques.

Safety on Tools and Equipments – the proper use of tools and equipments and its safety is implemented at all times. All safety gadgets are provided.

Cleanliness – the company maintains cleanliness and proper waste disposal.

Medical Treatment – the company is liable for the treatment of any of its workers and staff of any acute illness or accidents occurred during implementation of his/her duty or as caused by its employment on the project.

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STAR KING CONSTRUCTION UNIPESSOAL LDA. Is one of the leading e-management company in construction industry business that functions and coordinate the works and efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively.

Our e-management is not only limited to planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing but an e-management organization that has an initiative to accomplish goals.

Resourcing our human resources, financial resources, technological and natural resources.

Incorporating our IT and corporate solutions in providing online competitiveness to efficiently and effectively provide clients in an ever changing and challenging e-business work environment.